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Twitter Sentiment Towards Bitcoin

Picture from: We are glad to add a new feature to our Analysis: Sentiment Analysis Towards the feeling of twitter users about Bitcoin. What does that mean, ask you might? Simple: we are analyzing all the tweets from yesterday (for now only tweets in English) by applying a series of text techniques in order to…
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Bitcoin went low, low, low. Is this the Bitcoin Depression?

FILE PHOTO: Sparks glow from broken Bitcoin (virtual currency) coins in this illustration picture. Photo: Reuters Unbelievable day, 16.01.2018. As I am writing this post, Bitcoin has dropped massively from yesterday, by more than 25%, reaching a value of just under 11.000$. It’s crazy how volatile cryptocurrencies can be, and today is another example of…
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CryptoCurrency – From 0 to Hero

Image courtesy of Ever wonder how to get set up in the CryptoCurrency world, fast and in the most comprehensive way? Look no more, the entire team from Crypto Prospect has created a guide that will take you step by step into all the things that you need to know in order to get your…
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