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Short Term Cryptocurrency Forecast

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Short Term Cryptocurrency Forecast

We have a new feature added to our site >> Crypto Forecasts

Using analytical methods, like we did in our previous post where we discussed Ethereum, we tried to enhance our capabilities and also the services we provide to you.

Just like before, we trained our data and crafted the best set of algorithms to predict the next period in the life of a cryptocurrency. But, this being an offline analysis, we thought of a better method: an automatic update. Each day! Yes, you heard it right, each day. Here are the main features that we added to our new page:

  • Each day, our set of algorithms take the historical data automatically and fit the best model
  • The best model will then forecast the next 30 days and 6 months
  • Although it is an automatic process, we still verify the performances from time to time
  • You can check each day, what are our predictions about the cryptocurrencies we analyze
  • An interactive visualization of the outputs that lets the user have some fun with data

But keep in mind that this is an analytical model, not an investment tool. This is just to help you make a better picture of the future based on mathematical techniques available.

You are probably wondering why aren’t we making longer predictions? And it’s a legit question. The answers is that given the high volatility of the crypto market, the results yielded will be huge, given the fact that most of the cryptocurrencies don’t have a long history. That is why we are sticking with 30 days and 6 months, and as we get more data, the better the algorithms will improve.

Also, the results presented are an average, so that is why you will see a rising trend. For the moment, collapses in the market are very hard to catch, so that is why you should always have a +- edge in correlation to the results we provide.

Hey, wait! That is not all. Besides Ethereum, we also added a new cryptocurrency to our analysis. The time has come to forecast … drum rolls … Litecoin . And with time, we will add more and more. Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments bellow or write to us. Go ahead and also comment on our Facebook Page.

And of course, visit our new page here.

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Enjoy Prospecting!


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