Red Hot ICO Restart Energy – Very early price projections

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Red Hot ICO Restart Energy – Very early price projections

In this article, The CryptoProspect team aims to make some very early projections of the price token Restart Energy will reach this year. If you want to find out more about Restart Energy, visit our link.

Making predictions of the price of a token, let alone one that is very new on the exchange market, is a pretty hard endeavour. But we like tough challenges.

Recently, the Circulating Supply of the MWAT token was published on CoinMarketCap, having a value of 413,000,000 MWAT at the time of writing this article, with a max supply of 500,000,000 MWAT and a value of $0.043613 that translates into a MarketCap of 18,000,000. And now the big question: Where will the price go? Is there a potential of 10x, 100x, 1000x or more return, in the future? This is what we will investigate.

First of all, we will look at the roadmap as per their whitepaper. The main point to take into consideration is that:

  • In 2018, their plan is to develop the Red Platform and expand to 7 countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia. Their competitors plans? WePower has in their eyes Central and Western Europe while PowerLedger has an agreement to begin trading renewable energy, in Europe, starting 2019. From this perspective, at least this year, these is no real competition between these entities. + points for Restart Energy to grow.
  • They already have the backing by 9 Partners and 3000 companies that use their services with increasing numbers for 2018.
  • Experienced team and already working product.

Then, there is the problem of how Overall MarketCap will evolve this year. Of course, the expectancy is that all these down and up periods will pick up once the spring and summer are under way. Overall projections and experts are confident that this year, the MarketCap will reach at least the high of the starting year (around 800,000,000,000$) with some optimists having the guts to say it will pass 1,000,000,000,000$. Given the fact that in the highest period, PowerLedger passed the mark of 600,000,000$ MarketCap, we can marks some guide lines for Restart Energy too. We know that comparing 2 cryptocurrencies is not ideal, because of many factors that influence its trajectory, however we are just gathering information to make more accurate predictions. PowerLedger hit the exchanges at around 70,000,000$ in MarketCap and WePower at around 60,000,000$. From this perspective, Restart Energy started at around 3 times lower so we can consider that, maybe, it can reach 200,000,000$ in MarketCap, by the end of this year. However, this is strictly by comparing the entering prices on the exchanges. Let us not forget that the market conditions, when Restart entered, were not as ideal as their competitors.

One other factor to take into consideration is the belief of the people. And here there are 2 routes:

  • The trust of the people in the brand and product, not taking into consideration the cryptocurrency part of it. Given that Restart was already established and had a good reputation before releasing their tokens, there is no reason to expect hiccups in other countries.
  • And here comes the but piece. From a crypto perspective, there are a lot of factors that might influence the overall price, the main one being regulations on crypto. The main problem here is that this might scare people into investing in the platform, especially those from the countries that are in view for expansion. Given that Restart has also a franchise like extension, this will definitely affect the way the price evolves.

As we mentioned, this is a very early analysis of the price MWAT might go up to and there can be a lot of other factors that might come into consideration. However, given all that we have undercover and our analysis, our average projections put Restart Energy token to a possible price this is of … drums… 0.5$. That is at leas a 10x increase on the price for this year. We expect at least, an increase to 0.2$ while our upper limit, the most optimistic scenario, an MWAT evaluated to at least 1$.

Have you invested into Restart Energy by now? If not, there is still time to buy it and make a projected 10x return on your investment in the short term. We will keep an eye and see where the price trends and how this will affect the long term investment.

Did you find our analysis useful? What do you think the price of MWAT will reach this year? Let us know in a comment bellow and don’t forget to Like & Share.

Enjoy prospecting.

The photo for this article was taken from Restart Energy whitepaper,  


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