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New Forecast Features

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New Forecast Features

Yes, you read it right. We have added New Features to our Cryptocurrency Forecast Page. Head on to it and keep visiting each day in order to get the latest predictions. Just click and be amazed 🙂

We manged to bring on huge improvements to our modelling. Getting inspiration from the wisdom of the crowd” terminology, that basically means that if you take the knowledge of multiple people that are interested in a domain, on average, they get a better results than an expert. And multiple opinions from multiple expert, get you to even better results.

However, differentiating between experts is a tough ordeal. Thankfully, when it comes to algorithms, there is already proven methods that the best to use in terms of time-series are a handful of them. And basically, we have the knowledge to implement and adapt them to the cryptocurrency market. This led us to the main improvements to our forecasts:

  • Not 1, not 2,  but 3 algorithms are shown now on our forecasts for each crypto. Some are more optimistic and some more pessimistic, however, on average, all 3 combined will offer a better prediction than just one of them.
  • We kept the automatic update of each forecast to a daily level
  • We increased the number of variables used in the algorithms. Not that having more will necessarily give better results, but during our training and testing of the models, we saw that adding a mix of variables will produce a better accuracy.
  • The prediction are the meant for the Closing Prices.

Not convinced? Here is a glimpse of what we are talking about:

And if you want to have a better view of only a certain cryptocurrency, you can just select the area chart:


The view will now contain only the selected are of interest, hence offering a detailed analysis.


What’s left to do? Go directly to our page and hit the Likes and Shares :D. Crypto Forecasts 

For more in dept analysis, on a longer period of time and with better accuracy results, head on to our Analytical Services and find out more about a package that suits you or get in contact with us @ info@crypto-prospect.com and make the future of cryptocurrency more predictable.

Enjoy Prospecting!




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