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Cryptocurrency Analysis. Lightning the unforeseeable

Twitter Sentiment Towards Bitcoin

Picture from: https://sludgefeed.com/top-cryptocurrency-experts-follow-twitter-2018/ We are glad to add a new feature to our Analysis: Sentiment Analysis Towards the feeling of twitter users about Bitcoin. What does that mean, ask you might? Simple: we are analyzing all the tweets from yesterday (for now only tweets in English) by applying a series of text techniques in order to…
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Red Hot ICO Restart Energy – Very early price projections

In this article, The CryptoProspect team aims to make some very early projections of the price token Restart Energy will reach this year. If you want to find out more about Restart Energy, visit our link. Making predictions of the price of a token, let alone one that is very new on the exchange market, is a pretty…
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Augur – Token forecast

As promised, we have added new forecasts to our portfolio. This time, the token Augur was the one selected. So what is Augur? For the ones that are not familiar with this crypto, “Augur is a trustless, open-source, decentralized oracle and prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain” (you can find out more here). Basically,…
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New Forecast Features

Yes, you read it right. We have added New Features to our Cryptocurrency Forecast Page. Head on to it and keep visiting each day in order to get the latest predictions. Just click and be amazed 🙂 We manged to bring on huge improvements to our modelling. Getting inspiration from the “wisdom of the crowd” terminology, that basically means…
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Adhive Platform – ICO Review

Adhive is the first AI-controlled platform for influencer marketing. What will they do? Well basically using the power of AI, they want to automate all the interaction with the influencers in order to save time. Taken from their whitepaper , here is the basic overview of how the process :              …
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Short Term Cryptocurrency Forecast

We have a new feature added to our site >> Crypto Forecasts Using analytical methods, like we did in our previous post where we discussed Ethereum, we tried to enhance our capabilities and also the services we provide to you. Just like before, we trained our data and crafted the best set of algorithms to predict the next…
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Bitcoin went low, low, low. Is this the Bitcoin Depression?

FILE PHOTO: Sparks glow from broken Bitcoin (virtual currency) coins in this illustration picture. Photo: Reuters Unbelievable day, 16.01.2018. As I am writing this post, Bitcoin has dropped massively from yesterday, by more than 25%, reaching a value of just under 11.000$. It’s crazy how volatile cryptocurrencies can be, and today is another example of…
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Hot ICOs on the watch. WePower vs/and RestartEnergy

In this post, the CryptoProspect team proposes to analyse 2 ICOs (WePower & RestartEnergy). Keep in  mind that we don’t advise you to invest all your economies, nor we claim that these ICOs will make you a millionaire. This is just an analysis, from our knowledge and perspective together with what we think might happen. Please…
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Will Ethereum hit 10.000$ by end of 2018? Bold Predictions

Recently, Ethereum (ETH), surpassed the 1.000$ mark. So what is next? Will it hit the 10.000$ mark by the end of the year? Will it take over big brother Bitcoin? The Crypto-Prospect team had the same question and decided to put our analytics background to good use. We embarked on the tedious road of predicting what the…
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CryptoCurrency – From 0 to Hero

Image courtesy of https://stormotion.io/ Ever wonder how to get set up in the CryptoCurrency world, fast and in the most comprehensive way? Look no more, the entire team from Crypto Prospect has created a guide that will take you step by step into all the things that you need to know in order to get your…
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