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Adhive Platform – ICO Review

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Adhive Platform – ICO Review

Adhive is the first AI-controlled platform for influencer marketing.

What will they do? Well basically using the power of AI, they want to automate all the interaction with the influencers in order to save time.

Taken from their whitepaper , here is the basic overview of how the process :














“AdHive will be built as an environment where each participant will be motivated to act and develop the platform ecosystem, which will in turn increase rewards for all participants involved. Financial mechanics for each part is based on a profit-and-loss approach where influencers must need to guarantee their intentions via a security deposit of ADH Tokens, which will be locked in a smart contract until certain conditions are met. Community members risk missing out on rewards in case of incorrect assessments of ad quality. Rewards for community members depend on the amount of Tokens held in their wallets. This approach will motivate influencers to place ads properly and community members to make more accurate assessments and well-informed surveys. It also provides anti-spam and Sybil-attack protection.”

The things that can propel the platform, if they really manage to implement them, are the power of the following 3 AI solutions:

  1. Emotion detection
  2. Enhanced speech recognition
  3. Action detection

One of the main features will be the ease of how the advertiser can set up a campaign on the platform in 5 easy steps:

  • Audience selection
  • Deadline of task
  • Period of campaign
  • Target Regions
  • Budget

Here are a list of highlights that the Adhive platform

  • The advertiser can pay with cryptocurrencies but also in fiat money that will automatically be converted into ADH tokens by the platform.
  • They estimate that by the end of 2020, their revenue will increase 10x
  • From their perspective there are LOW Risks in regards to  Technology, Market, Legal & Business and an Average Risk from a Security perspective
  • The Team is one that has a lot of experience behind them and seem to be able to handle what they are promising to bring to the table

And now, some numbers crunching:

ICO is scheduled to start on February 21st, 2018 at 14:00 UTC and will last until March 14, 2018 at 14:00 UTC or until the hard cap is reached.

1 ADH will cost  0.0002 ETH  with a minimum investment of 0.05 ETH or 0.005 BTC. 

Adhive platform will be build on top of Ethereum and they will accept fiat money also, with a max bonus of 15%.

All being said an done, we really like this project and if they manage to enhance all the AI solutions, then it will be a awesome platform to use.

Our Rating?  4.3 / 5.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments bellow. Don’t forget to Like & Share.

Enjoy prospecting!


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