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About Us

Cryptocurrency Analysis. Lightning the unforeseeable

Our main foundation Pillars


We are a bunch of Analytics enthusiasts that are eager to put our expertise into the highly volatile environment of CryptoCurrency. Statistics are the elixir of our life and we are excited to share our findings with you.

Passion driven

We think that passion is our main driver. We like to learn, study trends and get updated quickly on the latest developments. As soon as we discover new techniques, we don't back out of the challenge of learning and applying it to get the best results.

Crypto know-how

Bitcoin has around 50% stake in the whole Crypto World. So what about the rest? Over a 1000 cryptocurrencies stand in line to be the next in after Bitcoin. This is were our know-how steps up to help take better decision.

Not Investment Fund

We are not telling you how to invest your money and we are not responsible about your behavior. We are providing the means of setting you up and provide useful information and knowledge that can use in order to make better decisions. The risk is always on your side.