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We provide the easiest and most comprehensive ideas, tools, platforms that we personally have used and verified together with all the tips and tricks in order to get the most out of the Crypto World.


Being enthusiasts in the Data Science field, we aim to provide the best analysis of the cryptocurrencies using aclaimed methods in order to reduce Risk as much as possible.


The World of CryptoCurrency is a very volatile environment. We can’t predict that we can advise you in making a million dollar profit over night but we can provide information about latest developments.


This is not an investment plan that you should follow. We are not responsible for your savings and the whole Risk is yours. We serve as an information platform that can help you reduce uncertainty. That is why it`s important to be Responsible.

Road to Success

Become an owner of cryptocurrencies in just a few steps and safely store your investments

CryptoCurrency is more than just a buzzword nowadays. But being so popular also has it’s downside: a lot of information, a lot of noise and a dim signal. So what is the straight-forward road to get from owning, exchanging and safely storing you assets? Find out more bellow:


A few things you need to know before getting started

If you are fairly new to the CryptoCurrency world or don’t have that much experience, I recommend following the next steps in order to enhance your broad knowledge:


Try an read about what cryptocurrency is, how it works, what is a blockchain and how a transaction works. You can find tons of material online, and we also have a set of tutorials that can get you through.

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Each step of the way, you have to get it in your blood to beware of the fees that are chardged. From buying, trading, transfering and storing, you will have to pay fees along these channels. It is important to know them so that you can keep as much as you can from your profits.


One way or another, you will end up on a trading platform. Even if you don’t have experience, this is not hard to do. You just have to pay attention to some minor details in order to maximize your profits.

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You will have to make a fair ammount of accounts and following some simple rules you can better protect yourself and your assets. Find out more about the golden safety rules


Crypto Info

We dare to say that the best information regarding crypto in terms of evolution over time and up do date trends can be found @ CoinMarketCap

Tips and Tricks to avoid Scams

Avoid Investing in Scams

If you are interested in investing into cryptocurrencies that are not mainstream on into the news ones that will rise dramatically, you have to be careful and before anything, check this points to asses its credibility.(You can also check this nifty site Is this coin a scam?)


The team behind the project it is very important. Check the website and get information about all members, follow them in different interviews and study their background. If they seem legit, go to the next step.


Each project should be backed by a published whitepaper. The team has to present in it what they are doing and what is their goals. Now, you don’t need to be an expert, just to check if they stand by what they mean.


What is the average trading volume in the last 24h? The same in the past week? Is it sustainable. If the ammount is low, just in their thousands, then it would be better to wait awhile.


A rule of thumb is that you shludn’t consider projects that have less than 5 million $ in market cap. If this is less, then the risk rises.


Follow the news to check the credibility of the projects. If something lookes shabby, write down all the doubtful information and stack them up for your final decision.


We usually go on Reedit in order to find out more information about a crypto that we want to invest in and also double check our expertise with the opionion of others interested in the same project.

Own Cryptocurrency Now

One of the easiest and most straightforward way to buy crypto is by using Changelly. You can buy with Dollars/Euros a whole range of cryptocurrencies. You will need a wallet with the specific crypto that you want to buy/exchange and as per site, the fee is 0.5%. The nice thing is that they tell you how much the fee is and there are no hidden fees that are charged. Also, another plus side is that they tell you how much, approximately, it will take for your account to be credited. If you don’t find the crypto that you want to invest in, you can still use changelly to buy crypto like Bitcoin with Dollars/Euros and then transfer from your wallet into another exchange that will have the crypto that you are looking for. Start owning crypto from here:

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